Two Lenses in One

Bifocals have two lens powers to help you see at varying distances without having to switch between two pairs of glasses. These lenses change in power from the top to the bottom the lens, which means one lens can actually contain many different lens powers. Looking through the upper part of the lens lets you see things in the distance, while looking through the lower part of the lens allows you to see better close up.

bifocal lenses
trifocal lenses

Beyond Bifocals

In addition to bifocals, there are also trifocals and progressive lenses. As you might guess from the name, trifocals have three lens powers, adding an “intermediate” power for the distances between far and near. Progressive lenses are often called “no-line bifocals” because they work similarly to bifocals, but with a more gradual transition from distance to close-up vision. Talk to your eye doctor about what type of lens works best for your vision.