Crizal® Treatment

The special treatment for Crizal® Lenses is only as thick as a strand of hair, so you can get all the benefits of better lenses without sacrificing looks or comfortability.

Crizal® Lenses are available for children too, so everyone can enjoy the clearer vision and protective perks they provide.

our in house crizal lab
Contruction worker with crizal lenses

Special Features

Crizal® Lenses are specially created to give you the clearest vision. These high quality lenses have the following features:

  • Reduced glare
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Water and dust repellent
  • Smudge-resistant
  • Protection from blue light (produced by digital devices)

UV Protection

Crizal® Lenses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays that can increase your risk for eye diseases. Crizal® Lenses are coated on the front and the back to defend against reflections that even many sunglasses can let through. They provide UV protection even on cloudy days when you might not think you need it.