The Old Way

Traditionally, eyeglasses lenses were made from glass, although now most lenses are made from different types of plastic. The process started with a much larger piece of glass or plastic that was ground down in successive layers to fit the frames and meet the vision needs of the patient. It was a difficult process that required a lot of expertise to do correctly.

digital ultra old way
doctor with lens machine

The New Way

Eye-Mart uses the latest technology to create lenses in a totally different way. Instead of using manual machines to grind lenses, we use computers to program the machines to create the prescription. The computers help us to create lenses that fit your eyes and vision needs more precisely. This all might sound a little complicated, but think of it as switching from standard definition TV to high definition. You’d rather watch in hi-def, right?

Only At Eye-Mart

Eye-Mart is the only store that offers digital lenses the same day as your appointment. Our in-house lab allows us to make you the highest quality lenses while you wait. The best part is, Eye-Mart offers this amazing upgrade at no extra cost.

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