Do you do eye exams?
Yes, Eye-Mart offers comprehensive eye exams at every location.
Do I need an appointment?
No, we accept walk-ins at every Eye-Mart location, but we can’t guarantee you will be seen as it depends on availability and patient traffic that day. Wait times for walk-in appointments may be longer than normal.. Your wait time will vary as appointments take first priority, but we make every effort to make the wait as short as possible.
How much does an exam cost?
A basic exam for glasses only is $60, but if you purchase glasses the same day, the basic exam is only $45.
Do you take outside prescriptions?
Yes, we take outside prescriptions.


How much can I expect to pay for glasses?
Our two pair packages start at $79.92 and include 2 $29 frames and single vision plastic lenses. Other lens options can be added to any of the two pair packages for an additional cost.
Do you make bifocals?
Yes, we make bifocals.
Are bifocals made the same day too?
Yes, most can be made the same day.
How much are bifocals?
Digital lined bifocals start at $69.96 (lenses only) and no-line digital bifocals start at $139.96 (lenses only).
Can I get my glasses the same day?
Most eyewear can be made the same day, depending on your prescription, lens availability and other options you may choose. The optician that assists you will be able to give you details about availability as you make your choices.
Can I use my own frame?
It depends. If you want to use your own frame, you will need to take your frame into one of our locations to see if it is possible. Our lab personnel will make a decision based on the age and condition of the frame. If it passes inspection, we will process the lenses.
How much do your frames cost?
Frames prices start at $29, and are available in several price points up to $159.
If I get the two pair package, can I have one pair made into sunglasses?
Yes, you would just have to pay for the upgrade for your choice of tint on the second pair.
If I get the two pair package, can I share that with my spouse/family member?
Yes, you can share a pair with a spouse, family member or even just a friend.
I broke my glasses! Can you fix them or will I need a new pair?
It depends. We are able to make minor repairs, but depending on the severity of the damage, you may need a new pair. You would need to take the glasses into one of our locations to let a technician assess the problem. We have same day service on most glasses, so if you need a new pair, you can usually get them the same day.


How much is a contact exam?
Contact exams start at $95-$115, and usually come with a trial pair of contacts. We will do a recheck in about a week later to check the health of your eyes after wearing the contacts, check your vision and get a prescription for glasses.
How much are contacts?
It depends on the type you wear and the amount you purchase. We normally have a discount on a full year’s supply. In some cases, there are also manufactures rebates available. The technician assisting you will inform you if there are rebates available.
I just had an exam. Do I need to have another to get contacts?
If you have a current contact lens prescription, you may purchase contacts without another exam. If your exam was an eyeglass exam, you would need to get a contact lens exam. We have to measure your eyes for contacts and make sure contacts will work to correct your specific vision problems.
If I wear contacts, do I need to purchase glasses?
We recommend you have a pair of glasses in case of emergencies. We also recommend that contact lens patients have sunglasses for outdoor activities.


What are digital lenses?
Digital lenses are manufactured utilizing a “free form” process and state of the art processing equipment to produce the most accurate prescription lenses available. Free form digital lenses provide the clearest, sharpest vision at the optical center and reduces distortion in the peripheral. Free form also enhances cosmetics by reducing unwanted additional lens thickness.
What is Crizal®?
Crizal® lenses help provide you with superior protection against glare, scratches, smudges, and UV light for the clearest vision possible. We process Crizal® lenses in our own laboratory in order to provide you with the best product in the shortest possible of time.
Are Transitions® lenses the same as sunglasses?
Transitions® lenses are a variable tint lens that adjust automatically to different light conditions. The tint will vary from a sunglass tint to a light cosmetic tint depending on outdoor light conditions. Transitions® lenses are completely clear indoors. Transitions® lenses also provide UV and blue light protection.
Do your lenses have scratch guard?
All plastic lenses have a front side scratch resistant coating. All polycarbonate and Hi-Index lenses have a scratch resistant coating on both front and back.


What does your warranty cover?
Our frame warranty covers manufacturer’s defects or workmanship for the first 30 days. Extended warranties that cover 50% of frame replacement cost and a scratch warranty on lens replacement for one year are available for $20.
What is your return policy?
There is a $25 restocking fee for any orders that are in process or returned.
Do you take my insurance?
We honor insurance coverage from Eye-Med, Davis Vision, VSP, Optum/Spectera, Superior Vision, Med-Ben, Vision Plus, Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield. If you do not see your plan listed, please contact your nearest location and they will check your carrier and plan.
Do you take payments?
Unfortunately, we do not take payments. This is one of the ways that we keep the cost of our products down.
What types of payment to you accept?
Cash, Checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.