Kids’ Eyeglasses

If your child has to wear glasses, it’s important to find frames that he or she will like and want to wear. We have plenty of fun frames that are comfortable and can stand up to the daily wear and tear of the playground. We have a wide selection of frames so you can find something that will make you, your child, and your wallet happy.

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child wearing glasses
kid wearing sunglasses

Kids’ Sunglasses

Little eyes take in a whole lot of sunlight. Protect your child’s vision with sunglasses from Eye-Mart and give their eyes a healthy start. We make 95% of our lenses in-house, so you don’t have to wait all summer for sunglasses to arrive. Just take them home the same day!

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Please Note

Not all styles shown will be available at every location. The images on this page are a sampling of common styles Eye-Mart carries. Please visit your local Eye-Mart location to see all the frames available.

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