Digital lenses are high-quality lenses made with computerized machines to create the most precise prescription available. Every prescription is different, and this technology allows us to create lenses to better match individual prescriptions. Eye-Mart makes digital lenses right in our in-house lab at no extra cost to patients.

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clear eyeglasses
crizal lenses


Crizal® Lenses are top of the line lenses that help give you the clearest vision possible. With features like anti-glare, anti-smudge, and scratch resistance, Crizal® are a great option if you want durable lenses that can stand up to any lifestyle. They even have UV protection to keep your eyes safe from harmful sunlight.

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Transitions® Lenses are designed to adapt to changes in lighting whether you are outdoors or indoors. They also block out UV rays and blue light from digital devices. Transitions® Lenses are now even more responsive than ever and take less time to change.

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transition lenses
woman reading book with bifocals


Bifocals are a great choice if you need help seeing distance or close-up. Many people over 40 struggle with reading things close up like instruction manuals or books with small print. If you already have prescription glasses, you don’t want to carry around two pairs of glasses to correct your vision, so bifocals are the perfect answer!

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